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Requirement vs Necessity after your License to Carry?

Many people go to the range before they make the decision to obtain their License to Carry, but what about after? Once they have obtained their LTC, many people tend to think they have passed the test; so therefore, they no longer require practicing. Well, I can throw all kinds of numbers and statistics at you but instead I will simply tell you why an LTC is a license to learn.

People don’t realize that having an LTC is a privilege, that privilege is currently being threatened; and for good reason. The State of Texas albeit the greatest state in the union, made a terrible mistake. In their wisdom a few years back, they no longer require “re-certification or re-qualifications” for LTC.

Let me stand on my soap box for a little bit, not only because I am an LTC Instructor does this cause havoc on our industry; it allows the failure of continuous training for many LTC holders. I train because I have done so for over 29 years…oh my, I feel old. Well, because I was in the Marine Corps for 21 ½ years (yes, the ½ matters), I was forced to train and then it became second nature. As an overseas contractor – well I’ll just say we practiced allot.

Now as a retired, semi busy small business owner I attempt to practice as much as I can. I have a few clients that are consistently asking for training and I will go shooting before or after we finish. It matters, not simply by putting holes on paper but insuring the good muscle memory is still embedded into my brain. People don’t realize but they will revert to their training or what they are accustomed too during a moment of need.

As for the recertification of an LTC holder, many people may not realize this but a driver’s license holder in Texas once they reach age 79; they must:

In addition to the regular driver license renewal requirements, be required to renew their driver license in-person at their local driver license office. Further, you will be required to successfully pass a vision test, and A driver license office representative (CSR) will evaluate your responses provided at the time of your renewal regarding your medical history to determine if any additional testing is required.

All this for a driver’s license but not a handgun. Well, no wonder people get upset at the relaxed standards in our LTC program. I am not advocating an annual test, but I am a fan of annual attendance of a class to ensure you are keeping up with the latest laws that pertain to carrying a firearm. As for the 5 year renewal, the requirement should be at the very least a demonstration of proficiency in handling a firearm and attend a refresher class (maybe not a test). I have been approached by many “seasoned” LTC holders about the “new laws” in last 5 years. I look at them and wonder why not just attend a class so that you are current?

I would think your firearms insurance company or homeowner’s insurance policy holders would appreciate your due diligence. Why not ask? Some offer a discount for "driver's education"...

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