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Pepper Spray Exam

Make sure you are fully prepared for the test.

Download the slides to prepare for the test:

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1. Oleoresin Capsicum is technically a vegetable product and not a true chemical agent.
2. OC spray should be stored:
3. The recommended minimum distance for spraying a subject is three feet.
5. The targets of OC spray are:
7. The length of the burst of spray to an attacker should be approximately ½ to 1 second.
4. Spraying too close to the suspect may cause damage to the eye from the pressure of the stream.
6. An officer should cease using OC spray if the suspect ceases to resist or it is obvious the OC spray is ineffective.
8. The effects of OC typically last from _____ to ______ minutes.
9. If symptoms continue for more than 45 minutes, the officer should obtain medical attention for the affected person.
11. The three positions from which to present the unit of OC are __________________________.
10. It is fine to leave an OC exposed person that has not fully recovered from its effects unattended.
12. OC Spray is categorized as an inflammatory agent
13. Decontaminating a subject affected by OC includes __________________.
14. Decontaminating a subject affected by OC includes ___________________.
15. Wind, bystanders, and location are considerations the officer must make prior to using OC spray.
16. It is essential to use verbal commands when using OC spray or any other physical controls on a combative suspect whenever possible.
17. All uses of force by a personal protection officer must be reasonable and proportional.
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