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Texas Private Security Bureau Level III EXAM

Make sure you are fully prepared for the test.

Download the slides to prepare for the test:

You must answer all the questions before submitting

1. A security officer has the powers and authority of a: _____________
3. A person can use a License to Carry (LTC) issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety to carry a firearm while working as a security officer or personal protection officer.
5. ______________ means any device designed, made or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance.
7. A person who intentionally or knowingly restrains another person may be found guilty of ___________?
9. Persons handling firearms should always treat every gun as if it were loaded.
11. Once the weapon has been checked and found to be unloaded, it is not necessary to check it again.
13. The two basic revolver actions are:
15. Before you clean a firearm, you must:
17. Proper trigger control means you should:
19. The Type One semi-auto stoppage drill is Tap, Rack and Assess.
21. The maximum range for the shotgun is:
23. Which of these makes good cover?
25. A tie, belt or shoelaces make a good supplement to handcuffs.
27. After the application of handcuffs, the officer should:
29. Back-lighting is done by someone or something shining a light behind you, thus creating a silhouette making it easy for the suspect to see you.
31. An arrest warrant or capias issued under the Code of Criminal Procedure (17.19 Surety may obtain Warrant) may be executed by a peace officer, a security officer, or a private investigator licensed in this state.
33. Uncle Earl intentionally and knowingly damages the tangible property of his neighbor Ricky Bobby, without Ricky Bobby’s permission. Uncle Earl can be charged with:
35. You are at your local church working security when Jim Bob walks in and begins using vulgar, profane language. The very words he uses causes the minister to stop and the congregation asks for his removal as they are offended by his language. Jim Bob could be charged with:
37. Satan’s sister Lucy intentionally and knowingly abducts Jimmy Joe and calls his family and states: “I want five million dollars or Jimmy Joe gets it.” Lucy can be charged with:
39. Field notes are ___________________________ notations concerning specific events and circumstances which are recorded while fresh in the officer’s mind and used to prepare the report.
41. The reporting officer should include his opinion in the report.
43. The pressure point located near the upper lip and nose is called the:
45. To protect and secure a crime scene, the security officer should:
47. Texas Penal Code 30.05 covers the offense of:
49. John, in his infinite wisdom, decides to intentionally and knowingly enter his neighbor’s house without his neighbor’s permission with the thought of taking something that does not belong to him. While Leah, John’s neighbor, is gone for the day, John enters her home and takes her big screen television. John can be charged with:
51. Joe S. Ragman is walking down a country road. He notices a nice lake that has lots of fish in it. The property has “NO TRESPASSING” signs located everywhere. The owner, Sunnie, comes out and tells Joe to leave. Joe does not like Sunnie’s cloudy disposition, so he places one foot on the property. Joe can be charged with:
53. Determining what level of force we might use in a given situation is a matter that includes an assessment of the “Totality of the ______________________.”
55. The totality of circumstances might include:
57. Type Two stoppage drill requires one-to- ______________________________________ Rack and Reload.
59. When looking through the rear sight, if the front sight is higher than the rear sight, the bullet will strike the target.
61. When taking field notes, you should remember the four B’s: Be concise, Be accurate, Be complete and Be ____________________________.
63. Reports should be written in ________________________________________ language.
65. When standing in a fighting stance, you should stand with your feet in a:
67. A brachial plexus strike can render the assailant:
69. Johnny is walking down the road and sees a nice pond he knows is stocked with fish. Johnny sees a barbed wire fence which contains the cattle of the owner. However, Johnny doesn’t see any “No Trespassing” signs. Johnny decides to jump the fence and go fishing. The owner, Homer, sees Johnny and tells him to leave the property. Johnny refuses. Johnny can be charged with:
71. The radial, median and ulna nerves areas found in the:
73. The best way to defuse a situation before it escalates is to use:
75. Force Options include:
77. Deadly Force is defined as force that is intended or known by the actor to cause, or in the manner of its use or intended use, can cause death or serious bodily injury
79. Deadly force is the last resort in response to critical situations.
81. Respect, Legitimacy, Transparency, and Fairness are all important considerations when security officers respond to a situation.
83. When referring to defensive tactics, the acronym ABC stands for:
85. Panic may cause________________.
87. The reason for handcuffing is to provide a greater degree of safety to the security officer, the prisoner, and the public.
89. When conducting a pat frisk, the security officer is searching for________________.
91. The minimum qualifying percentage that must be achieved in order to qualify when shooting a pistol is__________.
93. Texas Penal Code Section 46.15 provides non-applicability allowing on-duty commissioned security officers to carry a club (baton).
95. __________________ are the primary targets of baton strikes.
97. The ____________________ method is the most common method to respond to someone grabbing the security officer’s baton during a struggle.
99. Generally, a security officer’s report should contain a lot of opinion.
2. The use of force is justified in response to verbal provocation alone.
4. What is the primary difference between robbery and theft?
6. What does the Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 14.01 deal with?
8. Which of the following force options is the lowest level of control available to you to gain voluntary compliance?
10. Distance is ___________________.
12. Warning shots should not be fired because:
14. The device which holds the cartridges for a semi-auto pistol is called a:
16. Tactical shooting is normally done with both eyes:
18. Revolvers can be reloaded quickly with:
20. The most common shotgun gauge used by security and law enforcement is:
22. The prevention of removal of evidence can be accomplished using:
24. Three positions involving handcuffing are:
26. Handcuffs are a _____________________________ restraining device.
28. It is important in awareness situation to not allow yourself to be backlighted.
30. If a security officer purports themselves to be a peace officer, he / she can be charged with:
32. A security officer does not need to be trained in the use of chemical dispensing agents in order to legally carry them.
34. You are working at a Hell’s Angels bar. You hear someone using profane language. No one seems to be upset and cheers them on; the person using profane language can be charged with?
36. The vile and despicable villain Janie is without a man. Janie decides to get her one by any means, so she intentionally abducts innocent Ron, who is 19 years old. Janie can be charged with:
38. Criminal Code of Procedure Art. 16.06 states, you must take the suspect before a magistrate without ______________________.
40. Two types of reports used in the security industry are:
42. Which of the below is important information when writing your report?
44. Texas Penal Code 9.31 allows for:
46. Article 17.19 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure allows a security officer to:
48. Deadly force may be used to protect property, in the event of:
50. Billy Bob is smarter than everyone else in the world and knows the law. Billy Bob fashions a make-shift hook. Billy Bob reaches into Kevin’s home with the hook and takes a painting from Kevin’s home. Billy Bob can be charged with:
52. We can increase or decrease the chances of being chosen as the victim of a violent criminal attack by the way we walk, move, and carry ourselves.
54. The use of force commands with strikes is essential.
56. Force that can cause ___________________________________ and / or death is considered deadly force.
58. Who, What, When, Where, Why and How are the basics of any investigation.
60. When reloading a revolver in a tactical situation, you should:
62. Narrative reports are a _______________________________________ summary of the incident.
64. When dealing with evidence, you should?
66. The Common Peroneal Strike is a strike to the:
68. You are making rounds at your post at an apartment complex when Mary Jane runs up to you and tells you the man you just saw leave the complex stole her radio. You should:
70. You are at a convenience store in your marked patrol vehicle when a concerned citizen reports what they believe are drag racers getting ready to race on the city street nearby. You might do all of the following except:
72. If you qualify with a revolver handgun, you may also carry a semi-loaded pistol.
74. Essential elements of a report include
76. The Dynamic Resistance Response Model identifies 4 levels of suspect resistance. Which of the following best identifies Non-Threatening Resistance?
78. The ____________________ level of resistance determines the level of force (response) by security officers.
80. The SARA acronym stands for:
82. What skill helps a security officer to be a good problem solver?
84. An aggressive individual applies a rear choke to an officer. The officer might utilize which technique to overcome the assault?
86. Handcuffs provide _____________ restraint to prevent attack, escape, or destruction of evidence.
88. Standing, kneeling, and prone are the three positions to apply handcuffs.
90. Leaving a person unattended after being handcuffed is always a good practice.
92. Leaving a firearm unsecured is generally acceptable if the security officer is in his or her own home.
94. Only commissioned security officers that have received training provided by TCOLE may be allowed to carry a chemical dispensing device because:
96. ____________________ are motor nerve points targeted by a baton.
98. The passing grade for the Private Security Level 3 examination is:
100. Personal weapons available to the security officer include_________________.
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